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          380 products

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          Our Calgary Greeting Cards Selection Is Second To None

          Have you gone all the way down to the shops, only to be stuck with the same boring old choices? Why not break it up with Liz & Lottie’s top-notch collection of cards. Whether you’re looking for a birthday cards, anniversary cards, "thinking of you," get well soon, christmas cards, wedding cards, Valentine's cards or any other greeting cards in Calgary, you’ll find it in our online gift shop. Just do a search, and you’ll find the perfect card for whatever the occasion.

          As purveyors of all things gifts, we know a thing or two about greeting cards. We know what’s trendy, what’s not and what’s borderline (like, it’s funny, but is it too funny?), and we provide it all for you within a few mouse clicks. We personally pick each card, so we know what’s in store for our customers. It just makes it easier for you, fun for us, and transforms the tedious experience of buying greeting cards online in Calgary into a delight.  

          We’re Canadian and proud of it. So, it goes without saying that we’re dying to show off the great stuff about Canada. And that means our edgy sense of humour, our heartfelt feelings and our classic, Canadian slang. Nothing shows that better than our cards from leading Canadian brands: Boo to You, Saucy Avocado, Rhubarb Paper Co, Spicy Cards, Top Hat & Monocle and Party Mountain Paper.

          At Liz & Lottie, we want to bring back the ease and fun of gift-giving while taking away the stress and pressure of finding something your loved ones like. Our collection of gifts and amazing cards, coupled with our simple online service and delivery, means we’ve made shopping easier than ever. There'll be no more stress when you're buying from our purse shop or finding the right household item - that’s our promise! 

          Don’t you dislike it when you get a gift but there’s no card attached to it? Us too! Nothing beats the written word - and cards are essential for expressing your feeling in a way that a gift, sometimes alone, can’t. Cards allow you to express yourself in any way you wish and are the finishing touch to the perfect gift. Make sure your family, friends and colleagues know how you feel with Liz & Lottie’s collection of cards. 

          There are a few quintessential things that you need to do to ensure you get the right card to match any gift. Firstly, consider the occasion (birthday, anniversary, wedding?), then think of the person (do they love in-your-face jokes? A snarky comment? Or do they want something meaningful and heartfelt?). Finally, be creative and out-there with your cards. Nothing spells unique more than having a stand-out card that no one else has! Luckily, we have those cards for you!