Summer Shopping: Make Your Weekends Better with These Summer Essentials

Whether you are getting ready for hot girl summer, vax-girl summer, I'll bring the snacks summer - we have you covered. After an insane year (we moved our Calgary boutique completely online - it was the end of an era), we are ready to soak up AS MUCH WARM WEATHER as Alberta allows.

This year more than ever, we know that you'll be staying a little closer to home, and likely spending even more time outside than you ever have before. And that is a BEAUTIFUL thing. To make life *even better*, we created a short list that'll have you ready for summer in one single "checkout". Grab your credit card (if you don't have it memorized - show off¬†ūüôĄ) and get ready to click add to cart.


Affordable Aviator Sunglasses Unisex

1) Aviator Sunglasses

After a year inside, you are ready to feel hot as hell and these (shockingly affordable) aviator sunglasses are just the thing. We know it can be hard to shop sunglasses online but this uni-sex universally-flattering shape has you covered. Shop the look here. Don't forget to get one for your mini-me too!

Summer Skincare and Sunscreen

2) Skin Care for both the Shade & Sun Obsessed

We might be overly optimistic, but we believe it's going to be a long, hot, glorious summer. But as two women who have spent way too much time in the sun before, trust us when we say their are some skin essentials you'll want to stock up on (regardless of if you prefer the sun or the shade). 

Outdoor Games Calgary AB

3) Outdoor Games! 

Even those of us who aren't overly outdoorsy are going to have to be this year. For those of you who love to be the host, this Outdoor Games pack is a MUST. If you want to start small (or grab an outdoor game you can bring to the lake with you, you can also check out this ring toss game.

Cocktail Mixers for Summer Drinks

4) Cocktail Mixers for Summer Cocktails

Speaking of entertaining, what are you drinking this summer? Craftmix was started by two friends when they realized that making cocktails can be a tedious and laborious task (who can relate? how did we not think of this?). If you love a good cocktail - but don't love stocking 5 ingredients for every drink - stock up on these DELICIOUS cocktail mixers. All you need to add is your favorite liquor, ice and water/sparkling water. Don't be surprised if people start to flock to you at parties. 

 Make 2021 Your Best Summer Yet

That's it that's all! Yes we could go on and on with recommendations but we know you have camping, road-tripping and some patio sitting to do. We are looking forward to connecting with all of you over on Instagram. and because we are going to be busy with the online store, feeling incredibly jealous of your tans! Enjoy your summer! We have got you covered with all your summer essentials.