Lose my number, I'm staying in: The self-care pack you're going to want NOW.

If we learned anything after living through a pandemic it would be that we don’t like going out - the quarantine life is the life for me!

 After speaking to so many of you, it sounds like you all feel the same way. 

Maybe it’s just the idea of having to put on our pre-covid party pants ( which let’s be honest are a little snugger than we remembered) or maybe it’s just the fact that we have perfected the Moscow Mule over the last 20 months and it doesn’t cost $20 bucks a pop.

Regardless, we have put together the ultimate self-care pack and it’s so good, you’re not even going to feel a little bit guilty for ditching your friends on karaoke night. And if you do, there's nothing a cute card can't fix!

We'd say talk soon but we all know we're not picking up that phone call!