2021 Father's Day Gift Ideas

Want an excuse to buy local or shop small? Welcome to our 2021 Father's Day Gift Guide (where it's highly encouraged to pick something up for yourself too). Today, we have collected a list of our favorite gifts for the father's, soon-to-be-fathers, and father figures. If you are fortunate enough to have someone tell you dad jokes on the regular, it's time to show them how much you appreciate them. 

New to the Liz and Lottie family? We are a small business, based in Calgary, Alberta, shipping all across Canada. We have curated a few of our favorite brands - most of them being Canadian businesses we love to support - so you can shop your favorites from the same place. We love to be a little cheeky without ever sacrificing quality. After all, what's life without a little fun? 

We created our 2021 Father's Day Gift Guide to have a little something for everyone. Get ready to check all the Dad's in your life off your to do list.

For the Dad Obsessed with His Beard

Beard Box Gift Set for Fathers Day

Remember in Schitt's Creek when Alexis told Mutt that her favorite thing about him was his beard? We all have someone in our life that takes their beard a little too seriously (right?). It's a lot more maintenance than it looks though! You can shop the set pictured above here - if you are buying this for your significant other, you will LOVE the park ranger scent - or check out all of our grooming essentials here. 

For the Dad Who Has Got It All Together

Shoe Polish Gift Set for Father's Day

We swear some Dad's were born holding a briefcase. For the Dad still rocking that suit and dress shoes everyday, why not give him something he will actually use? This Buff & Shine Shoe Polish Kit has everything he needs. 

For the Dad Who Wants to Look Cool (without trying too hard)

Sweaters and Ball Caps from Local Laundry as Father's Day Gifts

Not all Dads have (or appreciate) great style - but they ALL appreciate comfort + compliments. Let us give a quick shout out to this fellow Calgary small business - Local Laundry. Their clothing is made in Canada, for Canadians. Show a little #YYC love without feeling too flashy. These understated designs will leave him feeling comfortable and fielding compliments like "oh this old thing?" 😎

Want a little more reassurance this is the right gift (and maybe a little extra encouragement to buy something for yourself)? We think Local Laundry says it best when they say "When you buy a piece of Made in Canada clothing you are voting with your heart and wallet to support Canadian manufacturing, Canadian jobs and a diversified Canadian Economy."

Shop the line here.

For the Dad Who Appreciates a Glass of Scotch

Not all whiskey was created equally and neither are these gift ideas. For the Dad who takes Scotch *maybe a little* too seriously (can often be found sitting in his office and wearing a sweater vest), we have this traditional crystal decanter and tumbler set.

Crystal Decanter and Tumbler Gift Set for Father's Day

Or, for the Dad who prefers his Old Fashioned's in front of the TV, we have some Rock's glasses that are a little less traditional (and a lot appreciated). You can shop all of our Bar essentials here.

Funny Rocks Glasses as Father's Day Gifts


For the Dad who Has Everything

What do you get the dad who has everything? Incredibly specific products that provide tiny upgrades for his everyday life. And speaking of Jack Daniel's, did you know they have an incredible (bougie AF) coffee blend? Seriously. It's so good. This coffee pack makes for a great "filler" gift (yup, you aren't the only one looking for one).


Jack Daniel's Gift Ideas

Or, what about a wash bag? This Gentleman's Hardware wash bag was created to hold all of your grooming essentials. Give him something that will look good when he inevitably leaves it on the bathroom counter every. single. morning.

Father's Day Gift Ideas


For the Dad who *just can't help himself* when it comes to Dad Jokes

We have TWO perfect gift ideas for the Dad who can't get enough dad jokes. To be honest, you should probably get both. First, these socks, which we didn't realize we all needed until right now.

Dad Bod Socks as a Gift Ideas

Fanny packs are actually cool again, but don't tell him that, because he will LOVE making endless jokes about how prepared he is for every situation. Bonus points if he throws in a line about how he was wearing Fanny packs "before they were cool".

Fanny Pack

 Online Father's Day Gift Ideas

If you are online shopping this Father's Day, we hope our 2021 gift guide has made shopping a little easier. Now, all you need to do is:

    1. Buy a Father's Day Card (whether it makes him cry or laugh - we will leave that up to you)
    2. Buy something for yourself (to justify the shipping 😎)
    3. DM us on Instagram with your fave dad joke (we will tell you ours if you tell us yours)

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