Celebrating our Business Birthday: 5 Years as a Local Small Business in Calgary

We can’t even BELIEVE we are writing this on the eve of our 5th year in business. Seriously. Sooo much has happened over the last 5 years (maybe a little too much this last year and a half 😅) but we wanted to celebrate with all of you amazing humans who have made the last 5 years so remarkable. We had greater success than we could have ever imagined in our charming East Village storefront. Even though we've shifted completely online, we cannot wait for the next 5 years!


Local Gift Store in Calgary


We are so freaking grateful for every single one of you. If you shop between July 22 - 24th, you'll get 30% off your order! It's just our little way of saying THANK YOU.

A local Calgary Business turned Online Empire (right?) 

Move over Amazon - we are taking over! All jokes aside, I don’t think we could have ever imagined a more remarkable 5 years - our Calgary storefront was the perfect place to begin. We met so many incredible people - both customers and our favourite vendors - and had way more fun than should be allowed when running a business. There have been lots of laughs (and many many drinks) over the past 5 years. 

As a home goods and gift store, we constantly challenge ourselves to find the *best of the best* in home goods and gift ideas. We know you come here to shop your favourite brands (including over 45 Canadian brands!), in one place.

Customer Appreciation!

One thing we could not be more grateful for, is how often our customers have allowed us to learn as we go and support us throughout all of the changes we have made over the past five years. Growing pains are real!! We can’t even begin to put into words how much we appreciate the purchases, follows, likes, reviews and of course, the laughter. A large part of our growth has been through word of mouth and it means so much to us every time you have sent your family and friends our way.

“Pivoting” to an Online Business

Ew, pivot. We know, but honestly it has been such a crazy reality over the last 18 months (has it been that long?!). After a year of uncertainty, we chose not to renew the lease at our beautiful Calgary location and instead focus on growing the online side of our business some more. Honestly, we feel so fortunate to have been able to shift Liz & Lottie yet again to align with our current stages of life. 

We wish we could say switching completely online has been an easy transition (after all - our online store was already established) but honestly, growing the online side is like a whole new business. Even something as seemingly simple as shipping to the U.S. (which we just started last week!) has been full of fresh challenges. And even though we are unbelievably excited for the next chapter of our business, we miss our beautiful space and seeing our customers in person. 

Liz & Lottie

With that said, we want to say a HUGE thank you to all of you. We would love for you to raise a glass and virtually toast to an amazing 5 years (and a giant ‘cheers’ as we celebrate the next five!). We have said it over and over again (so we hope you know it’s true!), we could not have done any of this without you.


Don't forget if you shop between July 22nd-24th, you'll get 30% off. We appreciate you all so much!


Thank you for letting us be your ‘go to’ home goods & gift shop time and time again. Thank you for shopping small and shopping local when we needed you the most. We can’t wait to continue to find the best of the best and bring them to you virtually so you can shop all of your favourite things in one place. 

Your Partners in Wine & Shopping,

Nikki & Heidi