About Liz & Lottie

What’s in a Name..?

This is our Story

In 2011, the stars aligned and the clouds parted to bring together the masterminds behind Liz & Lottie. Enter Nikki and Heidi, your friendly neighbourhood founders and purveyors of everything chic. Like most friendships, theirs began with a good laugh and the odd shot of tequila (or two) not to mention their shared sense that something was lacking in their lives.

Both being faced with unfulfilling careers they felt less than passionate about, they realized that their sanity would eventually be compromised if they kept at it. The time had finally come to do some serious soul searching and at the end of it the two discovered that their shared sense of aesthetics and fashion could only lead to one thing…

Like many women dream about but few act upon, Nikki and Heidi decided to take their shopping problem and turn it into a solution, a business in fact! After a few years their plans graduated from bar napkin notes to actual business plans and a few tequila shots later, Liz & Lottie was born.

Who’s Behind Liz & Lottie?

Both Nikki and Heidi grew up with strong women in their lives, those who inspired and empowered them to turn their dreams into a reality. During the naming process, their fledgling business went through several incarnations, mostly bad ones, until they had the quintessential light bulb moment, name it after those strong, influential women of their past! Liz for Nikki’s Oma, the woman who harnessed her power to raise eight children, have 33 grandchildren and be married for over 60 years – seriously, bless that woman.And Lottie, for Heidi’s grandmother, who despite losing her mother at a young age, became a strong, stylish, hardworking wife of a farmer and mother of 6 children, with a true passion for teaching.

Why Hello There, I’m the Bag of your Dreams!
Liz & Lottie was never just about us, it was about ALL!

Taking up residency in Calgary’s newest, oldest community known as the East Village, Liz & Lottie emulates the character of the women who inspired its inception: warm, fun, welcoming and always on trend. We pride ourselves on supporting our community and providing Calgarians with chic, one-of-a-kind quality products to accessorize their lives.





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